Types of Agency (Representation) Available to Buyers of Real Estate Located in New Hampshire

Buyer's Agent (Buyer Agency):

A Farms & Barns' agent may represent you as your agent. This means that the agent gives priority to your interests. This form of agency is bound by a written contract spelling out the duties and obligations of the parties. The agent becomes your exclusive representative.  However, you certainly can opt to work with an agent without a Buyer Agency Agreement. Once you get to know the agent and if you both agree that Buyer Agency will be beneficial, you can proceed to that next step. Until that time or through your purchase, you may.................

Work with an agent who doesn't represent you but performs specific services (Buyer Facilitator):

One of our agents may work with you without being a Buyer's Agent or legal representative during the process. Some buyers prefer this approach, which allows them to work with the listing agent of a property directly, and doesn't require them to sign an exclusive contract with any one broker.  Should you make the decision to hire one of our agents as your representative at some point during your search and you decide to pursue a property newly listed with Farms & Barns, you would then enter into a Dual Agency Agreement.

What is a Dual Agent?

Dual agency representation requires the knowledge and consent of both buyer and seller. In effect, the dual agent promises to serve the interests of both the Buyer Client and the Seller Client but in a limited capacity. This type of agency must be spelled out in writing prior to making an offer and better yet, prior to looking at a property whereby this type of agency may arise.


New Hampshire’s Law


Agency laws are the result of years of discussion and debate by state legislatures, industry representatives and consumer advocates. If you have questions, contact the NH Real Estate Commission.


All New Hampshire real estate licensees must abide by New Hampshire’s laws. Agencies such as Farms & Barns, are also Realtors® (members of the National Association of Realtors®) and we subscribe to the Realtor® Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice of the National Association of Realtors®

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