Why You Need to Clean Up and Clean Out

Here's an example of why organizing and cleaning out makes a much better impression on YOUR buyers.  Click on the Before Kitchen icon below, pretend you're a buyer and take a good look around.  Sorry, the photo quality is not that great.  Close the photo tab and answer a few questions about what you saw.

Before Kitchen

Now see if you can answer the questions.

The Questions


How much did you see (remember) in the kitchen?  What didn't you notice at all?  The mind's eye sees the 'stuff', not the important details related to buying this home.  If you are like 95% of people, you were drawn to the kitchen counter. 

Beyond having a hard time "seeing" things that matter while looking at this room, how many buyers might skip looking at the property altogether, subconsciously wondering if this unprepared room might be a reflection of its overall condition?  Like it or not, decluttering and staging are here for good. Blame HGTV if you must. 

It is hard for some sellers to understand when asked to clean up and clean out.  At showings in cluttered homes, buyers look closely but not at the things they should be concentrating on - the features, the layout or the things that add value.  Instead, they ask about the sellers after passing by dozens of family photos and personal collections,  focusing on the people instead of the house.