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When you’re buying a horse or farm property, you’re not just buying a home, you’re buying a great New Hampshire way of life. It is important that you use a real estate agent who is knowledgeable about the unique nature of these country properties and all that can be entailed.  Many factors can come into play from zoning and permitted uses to easements, current use taxation and upcoming changes that may affect your intended use of the property.  

We understand what you are looking for.  We know that your Hanovarian Percheron won't fit in a low cattle barn, that the thick, rocky forest is not suitable for clearing for future pasture and that the lawn around the house is not where you want to graze your goats or sheep.  We understand limits on how much you can spend, on how much time you may have to manage your property and that you "must have" certain features.  
Using a national real estate website like Zillow?  Read here to see how they REALLY work!

We can help make your move easier as we have all done it ourselves!  As examples of how we differ from ordinary Realtors®, we have assisted with shipping horses and livestock coming and going, have found temporary farm rentals while folks were waiting for their the new farm to be vacated, even found a place for mules to live for a few months until their owners could get here from the upper midwest. We mean it when we say that we are not your ordinary Realtors®.  Read our many testimonials.

Please consider one of the specialty Realtors® of Farms & Barns.  If you don't, while you’re out looking at an unsuitable property that perfect farm could slip away. Just tell us what you're looking for and if it's out there, we'll help you find it.  We all hold the Certified Buyer Representative® designation.

As Buyers, what are our options when working with a NH real estate agent? What is "Agency"?


Agency is a fiduciary relationship between a Principal/Client and an Agent arising out of a brokerage agreement whereby the Agent is engaged to perform certain acts on behalf of the Principal in dealing with a third party.

In the past, all Agents represented the Seller, whether their company had the listing or showed a property listed by another company. Any information the Agent knew about a Buyer was passed on to the Seller if it was useful in gaining a favorable position for the Seller. Consumer laws have changed and, in today’s marketplace, Buyers have choices about whether or not they want representation during their real estate transaction.

When you choose an Agent to assist you in the purchase of property, it is usually through contact with the Agency for one of the following reasons: 1) Because they have a listing you want to purchase; 2) The Agent was referred to you by someone else; 3) Perhaps you want the specialty services of that Agency. Without a detailed explanation about your choice of representation, you might assume that the Agent is going to represent you in throughout all aspects of the property purchase.

Why might you think that? Until the “Written Disclosure Laws” were enacted, many Buyers just assumed the Agent they were working with was representing them. “My agent” and “my broker” were common statements made by Buyers. After all, the person a Buyer chooses to help them purchase real estate has constant contact with them and develops a “closeness” and sometimes even a friendship with them. Because of these Buyer misconceptions, Disclosures of Agency Relationships laws were enacted here in New Hampshire so all Buyers would understand their rights and positions as consumers of real estate. 

Before you view property with a real estate agent, New Hampshire Law RSA 331-A and N.H. Real Estate Commission Regulations Rea 701.01 – see Administrative Rules requires that all real estate licensees provide you with a written statement disclosing which party they represent. This is not a contract of any kind. It simply EXPLAINS your options as a real estate consumer, in this case as a Buyer. You have the choice of hiring a Buyer Agent to represent you (this would require a written contract between you and your agent) or you can view property with a real estate agent and remain a Customer, which many Buyers choose to do (you would not be represented by the agent in this instance). When Sellers list their property for sale, they must sign this very same form, explaining the types of agency available to them. It also explains to them how a Buyer might be represented when viewing their listed property. 

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