Sunset Farm


36’ x 30’ Horse Barn

  • Five 12’ x 10’ stalls with wood board flooring 

  • Dutch-doors with direct access to turn-out

  • Concrete aisle for grooming

  • Tack room 

  • Drive-through aisle with garage-door access at each end  

  • Electricity 


36’ x 12’ Run-in with Overhang 


20’x 20 Run-in Style Storage Building


10’ x 10’ Outbuilding


30’ x 15’ Woodshed with attached 16’ x 15 Storage Shed 


This property is gorgeous, well maintained, and elegant offering the peace and quiet that we all need. Its land is open and lovely, making it great as pasture. It is private, yet very accessible to shopping, the local hospital, the White Mountain National Forest, Cannon Mountain, and the Upper Valley - just 40 minutes to Dartmouth College! It is a classic New Hampshire gentleman's farm.

We highly recommend that you contact the local zoning, planning and/or building department to confirm your intended use of any property as part of your due diligence prior to purchase.  Don’t assume that because you see a property for sale or neighboring properties being used a certain way that you can do the same.  Zoning regulations can change, some properties may “grandfathered” or operating under a variance or special exception that may not be transferable to you so you should always verify for yourself that you can use, expand or modify a property in the manner you intend.