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Getting ready to list your farm, horse property or fine country home?  We need your listing!  A widely held belief is that spring is the best time to list your property.  Not so if you own a farm or country home.  New Hampshire is beautiful in the winter, your competition is extremely low and you won't be dealing with mud season!  We quickly forget each year that farms and those properties situated along dirt roads have mud to deal with sometimes into mid-May.  By then, the spring market is over!! Buyers of properties like yours have time after the holidays to concentrate on buying BEFORE show season or spring planting and maintenance begins.
Updated in November 2019 - As the state’s leading farm agency, we invite you to join our long list of very satisfied sellers around New Hampshire! With a large market share, our staff of highly-skilled, professional Realtors® AND horsewomen/farm owners are best equipped to promote, present and procure a new owner for your property! Not only do our Seller Clients have good things to say about us and our services but so do their buyers!  Read testimonials here.
2019 Roared in with COLD WEATHER, LOW inventory and LOTS OF BUYERS out there and they are STILL out there! New Hampshire values continue to improve.   Rates are still very attractive and are even down a bit at this writing. Keep an eye on rates at
We do know from conversations with area lenders that home improvement loans are UP! For those that love where they live, a robust economy and job security make it easy for them to spend to improve their present homes. For others who may want to move perhaps to a home with more land or to a location that is more convenient to work, the housing inventory is low and is nearing a bit too expensive for many who want to refrain from buying at a peak in the market. They stay put because they choose not to take the risk.
No one knows how long a busy market will last and a number of factors can bring it to a screeching halt. Stock market jitters, a big spike in interest rates, a world crisis and yes, housing prices that get out of control all take their toll.  Accurately predicting any of these is nearly impossible.  
The southern part of the state, from Concord south and southeast in towns that have good access to major highways, has had excellent activity.  Other areas, like the Dartmouth-Hanover region, Portsmouth & the Seacoast, New London and our famous mid-state Lakes Region (waterfront homes) also have great activity as they are nearly always in demand, resulting in big price increases.  Other areas of the state on the very outskirts of commutable locations and more rural areas are more stable. price and activity-wise.
Proper pricing is paramount to your move regardless of your location or your property’s value.  Inventory is down.  This is good news for any seller but being competitive remains the key to a sale.  Set your price at market value and two things happen:  1. You attract many more potential buyers at the onset and; 2. You gain the best price the market will bear. 
A Sampling of Recent Sales
If you own property with acreage, a working farm, a larger horse farm, a livestock or other income-producing farm, by virtue of the fact that it requires substantial upkeep and physical work, your buyer market is limited.  It has always been the case in the recent past. We all know that most people work elsewhere have no desire to manage a larger property or to make farming or animal husbandry even a part-time job, much less their full-time job.  Country homes (vs. working farms) on acreage obviously have a wider appeal although this segment of real estate sales is also smaller.  It makes up less than 7% of all residential sales. This percentage is arrived at using a minimum of 12 acres as the only criteria and it surprises not only sellers but agents who do not follow rural and farm sales data.
We cater to those very buyers who want what your property has to offer.  And we've got our finger on the pulse of the country home, horse facility and farm market at all times.

When you are ready to sell, what you do not want is be lost in a sea of listings on some big real estate franchise's website as your only means of exposure. These agencies tell you that they are worldwide.  Who isn't?  Conversely, you do not want little to no property-specific exposure with one of the community's agencies who run ads in the local paper and says that MLS will bring you potential buyers. And you really want to work with an agent who understands your property. It makes sense to partner with us.
Listing with Farms & Barns, you get it all, a detailed listing on our website exposing your farm to a very specific and captive audience to our well-planned marketing campaigns.  Our site visitors are looking for what you have to offer and it is the only reason that they are on our website every day, sometimes several times a day.  Other agencies also send their buyer clients to our site - which is a win-win for our listed sellers.
Because we are Realtors® and active MLS members, your local agencies and the big franchise (box) companies will have complete access to your property should they have the occasional horse or farm buyer. They will also have your property available to their general audiences on their websites.  Combined with our fine listing presentation, our widespread and targeted advertising, and knowledge of what your property has to offer. you will have the best and most well rounded exposure possible.
Care to join our list of very satisfied sellers?   Please contact us for a confidential analysis of your property.

As an important side note:  We do not list anything but horse property, large and small, professional facilities, working and hobby farms and country homes with a bit of elbow room along with commercial properties such as farmstands, greenhouses, retail horse or farm businesses etc.  Farms & Barns' agents only work with buyers who are seeking the types of property that you own.  We will also assist those buyers in obtaining financing to buy specialty properties such as yours.


Many loan programs either do not recognize the value of farm or horse improvements or the extra acreage that accompanies country property or they don't lend on them at all. It takes knowledge of the industry inside and out and a good working relationship with the finance community of lenders and appraisers, both of which we have. It is same knowledge we will bring to you, as your real estate adviser.  

We are "Entrusted with New Hampshire's Best Listings™" and we look forward to adding you to our list of genuinely satisfied clients.  


Thank you for considering the services of Farms & Barns Real Estate, LLC.


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