Markerson Acres



2019 36' x 36' Post & Beam Barn:

  • 4 -12’ x 12’ matted stalls with Dutch doors

  • High ceilings

  • Electricity

  • 8’ Overhang

  • Loft – holds 600+ bales

  • Wide, drive-thru aisle

  • Metal roof



12’ x 16’ Chicken Coop


10’ x 12’ Storage Shed


Shelter Logic PVC Portable Garage


Approximately 60’ x 100’ Outdoor Riding Arena


  • Needs finishing

  • Wood chip and jock sand (local footing- a blend of manufactured sand and silt used on arenas and ballfields)


Small pond and babbling brook


4 Lots of records


We highly recommend that you contact the local zoning, planning and/or building department to confirm your intended use of any property as part of your due diligence prior to purchase.  Don’t assume that because you see a property for sale or neighboring properties being used a certain way that you can do the same.  Zoning regulations can change, some properties may “grandfathered” or operating under a variance or special exception that may not be transferable to you so you should always verify for yourself that you can use, expand or modify a property in the manner you intend.