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Enjoy the beauty of New Hampshire's Four Seasons on our Seacoast and Lakes, in our Mountains and Valleys, and in our vibrant and welcoming communities.

Gardening in NH
Brown Horse in Baker River, NH
Fall View on Country Road in NH
Winter Farm Scenary in NH
Goat Farm in NH

Buying?  How We Can Help.

Along but necessary read.....when buying a horse or farm property, or country home, you’re not just buying a house, but pursuing a great New Hampshire way of life. It is important to use a real estate agent knowledgeable about the unique nature of these properties and all that can be entailed. Factors can come into play, from zoning and permitted uses to easements and current use taxation, to name a few.

We understand what you are looking for. Some folks are looking to unplug and enjoy the beauty New Hampshire is famous for. Others have decided to take up gardening, beekeeping, or testing the waters with a few farm animals. Then there are serious equestrians, whether top-level riders, dedicated amateurs, or those who live to hit the trails!  We know that your Hanovarian or Percheron won't fit in a low-posted cattle barn, that the thick, rocky forest is not suitable to clear for pasture, or that the lawn around the house is not for grazing.  We understand limits on how much you can spend, how much time you may have to manage your property, and your "must have" features.  To our farmers, a group to be admired, it would be a pleasure to help you get started or expand your passion. We'd love to help turn your dedication into a reality, too.

We can help make your move easier, too, as we have all done it ourselves! Here are a few examples of how we differ from ordinary Realtors®:  We have assisted with shipping horses and livestock coming and going, have found temporary rentals while folks were waiting for their new-to-them home to be vacated, and even found a place for mules to live for a few months until their owners could get here from the upper Midwest. We mean it when we say that we are not ordinary Realtors®.  Read our many testimonials.

Please consider one of the specialty Realtors® of Farms & Barns. If you don't, while you are out looking at an unsuitable property, that perfect farm or country home could slip away. Tell us what you're looking for and if it's out there, we'll help you find it. Most of us hold the Buyer Representative designations.

You're not buying ordinary real estate and that's great because we're not ordinary Realtors®.  

We highly recommend that you contact the local zoning, planning and/or building department to confirm your intended use of any property as part of your due diligence prior to purchasing.  Don’t assume that because you see a property for sale or neighboring properties being used a certain way that you can do the same.  Zoning regulations can change, some properties may be “grandfathered” or operate under a variance or special exception that may not be transferable to you so you should always verify for yourself that you can use, modify, or expand property in the manner you intend, now or down the road.

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