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Karen Heselton, office administrator

Karen Heselton Farms & Barns RE
Office: 800-639-4057 Ext 705


Raised in the city, Karen always enjoyed visiting her family who resided in a quaint, rural town in southern NH. She and her husband ultimately purchased a raw parcel of farmland that abuts over 200 acres of state-owned forestland. From land clearing to acting as general contractors, the perfect country home was developed that continues to entertain family members coming and going. 


Although at one time her property housed many horses, Karen currently has one horse, two Shetland ponies, one Holstein cow, milking goats and Shetland sheep, Add to that, three rescued dogs, three cats and chickens, lots of chickens, and there’s never a dull day on her farm! Throughout the years Karen has shifted her focus to simple homesteading, raising her own food and practicing herbalism.


Karen has worked a combined 17 years at Farms & Barns. With Karen’s history of being an office administrator AND an active, licensed Realtor®, she knows from all sides what it takes to get the job done.  Her smile, happy demeanor and willingness to help in any way makes her a genuine asset to our Realtors® and our clients and customer.




  • Organic vegetable & flower gardens


  • Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild (organic holistic products)


  • Extensive studies in herbalism


  • Currently raises heritage breed livestock:

    • Rare line of Delaware chickens

    • Show-quality Orpington chickens

    • Shetland sheep

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