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Berry Good Farm
Goffstown, NH

Farm Details 


Berry Good Farm is a local iconic pick-your-own and wholesale blueberry business just outside Goffstown village on a peaceful 65-acre parcel of land with over 2,700' of river frontage. The home is set to the rear of the property affording great privacy for the farmer!

An Overview of the Buildings:

The Office - Airbnb Anyone?

Built in 1998, this bonus building is adjacent to the house and is used as a business office but might also be suitable as a short-term rental with approvals.  Who wouldn’t want to be a weekend guest on a farm?

18' x 10' Main Retail Location:


Retail Stand:

  • Bucket storage and packing house

  • 10’ x 20’ Shelterlogic tent

4' x 8' 2nd Retail Stand w/Checkout:

  • Gift shop area, storage

  • Packing house

  • 10’ x 20’ ShelterLogic tent

  • 10’ x 20’ ShelterLogic tent

  • Storage shed

Third Retail Location:

  • Gift shop area

  • Small traffic control building

  • 10’ x 20’ Shelterlogic tent

  • 10’ x 20’ Shelterlogic tent 


Supply Shed

  • Holds stand supplies- bags, bucket, etc.

All stands are fully stocked with picking buckets of various sizes, bags, ties, etc.


This is a unique and exciting opportunity to raise the wee ones on a farm if that's a goal, to expand the diversity of the farm to include things such as retail Christmas tree sales, pumpkins to wholesale, edible flowers and a host of other ideas. Keep the as is, go wholesale, lease the berry fields or bring your ideas for a family-friendly 3 or 4 season farm destination.


The sale includes everything you need to move in and take over this amazing business, from the farm truck with a plow to 2 tractors, 2 golf carts and a side-by-side, also with a winch and plow. A full list of equipment, tools and miscellaneous equipment and items are in the listing packet - so please ask for one! Email Shirley Sullivan the Listing Broker. Income can be shared AFTER you've personally viewed the property and subsequently signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement.


We highly recommend that you contact the local zoning, planning and/or building department to confirm your intended use of any property as part of your due diligence prior to purchase.  Don’t assume that because you see a property for sale or neighboring properties being used a certain way that you can do the same.  Zoning regulations can change, some properties may “grandfathered” or operating under a variance or special exception that may not be transferable to you so you should always verify for yourself that you can use, expand or modify a property in the manner you intend.

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